Cycward Bike club

Ran by, kelan bilal

The mission

To improve health and enrich quality of life and our community through cycling.

True wellness is about helping other people in your community to be well too — for the long haul (GQ)

  •  Educate on cycling safety and laws.
  • Promote cycling as active transportation to any destination.
  • Forge a network of cyclist from diverse backgrounds.


  •  Actualize avenues of accessibility and inclusion for disadvantaged communities and youth.
  • Foster a culture for physical health and mental wellness
  • Support active transportation.

The why

Creates an opportunity for people to come together by removing barriers and fostering a sense of belonging. Especially in a time where COVID-19 and quarantine has separated us in more ways than just physical. Also provides a way to explore our city at a leisurely pace in a way that you can’t appreciate by car. Which can give the opportunity to see places that may need attention as far as street lights and building a bicycle-friendly city. All of our rides, including Glow The Yo, involve training on cycling safety laws as well as promote active transportation, easy commutes, and health and wellness benefits.