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Looking for a bike shop that does more than just sell bikes? Look no further than our shop, where we offer top-quality bicycles and expert repair services to keep you cruising on two wheels. Our team of experienced mechanics is dedicated to keeping your bike in tip-top shape. From fixing flat tires to fine-tuning gears and brakes, we've got you covered. We also offer more extensive repairs, such as wheel truing, frame alignment, and suspension maintenance. But we're not just a repair shop - we're also proud to offer a wide selection of bikes for riders of all ages and abilities.

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Expert services just a click away - our cycling company's website offers a convenient way to look at in-store services, including repairs, tune-ups, and bike fittings.

Tune up

$65.00 | Looking to get your bike ready for the upcoming cycling season? A bike tune up is just what you need. A tune up can help improve your bikes performance, extend its lifespan, and make it safer to ride. During a tune up, a trained technician will inspect your bike, adjust brakes and gears, tighten all bolts and screws, lubricate moving parts, and check the overall condition of your bike. Don't wait until something goes wrong with your bike - schedule a tune up appointment today and enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride.


$19.99 + tax | Introducing the latest addition to our biking company merchandise - a t-shirt that supports the community! Made with premium quality fabric, this shirt is designed to offer maximum comfort and durability for all your cycling adventures. But that's not all - for every t-shirt sold, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting local initiatives that promote biking and outdoor activities. From hosting cycling events to e-bike around the city, your purchase will make a positive impact on the community and help make biking more accessible to everyone. So whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, grab a t-shirt today and join us in supporting a healthier, happier, and more connected community!

Full Bike build

$150 | Building a bike from scratch involves selecting and assembling components to make a complete and functional bicycle. The process usually starts with choosing a frame, followed by the fork, wheels, tires, handlebars, brakes, drivetrain components, and other necessary parts. Each component must be carefully selected based on its compatibility with other parts, as well as the intended use of the bicycle. The process requires a significant amount of patience, attention to detail, and mechanical skill. However, the end result is a fully customized bike that reflects the personal preferences and riding style of the builder.

Inner tube

$8.99 + $9.00(optional installation) | An innertube is one of the essential components of a bike that helps to keep the tire inflated and maintain balance while riding. Made of durable rubber, it fits inside the bike tire, providing cushioning and preventing air leakage. Without an innertube, a bike would be difficult to ride as the tire would flatten quickly. It's important to choose the right size of innertube for your bike, as a mismatch in diameter or width can cause problems while riding. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out innertubes can help prevent punctures or blowouts, ensuring a smooth and safe cycling experienced.

lifestyle not a hobby

Bicycling isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. Embrace the freedom, adventure, and sustainability that comes with life on two wheels.

Experienced Mechanics

Experience the difference of a bicycle company with a team of expert mechanics - ensuring that every bike we sell is assembled and serviced to the highest standards for your safety and riding pleasure.



Discover your ride with our company's collection of premier bicycle brands - offering high-performance bikes for every terrain and level of rider.


Tune Ups

Get back in the saddle with our bicycle company's professional tune-up services - whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, our skilled technicians will keep your bike running smoothly and safely.

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Participation is key

Be a part of something bigger with our bike shop's cycling club - join our passionate community of riders, participate in fun events, and help shape the direction of our club for a more vibrant cycling culture in our area.


Join our bike shop's community of cycling enthusiasts - not only do we offer top-quality bikes and repairs, but we also have a club that hosts fun rides and events to connect riders and promote the joy of cycling.


Ride with the best with our bike shop's award-winning cycling club - join our team of competitive riders, train hard, and dominate races and events together, all while fostering a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.